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Top 3 Berkeley Hiking Trails

The Berkeley Hills offer some of the most beautiful views and scenery in the Bay Area. Here are my favorite trails.

1. Clark Kerr Fire Trails

Located just behind Clark Kerr, the fire trails offer an easy hike with a stunning view of the Bay.

Pro tip: go during the spring to see the field of wildflowers in full bloom at the top of the hills.

This is your sign to go hiking with a friend and take cute pictures while you’re there too!

2. Tilden Park: Lake Anza Trail

The Lake Anza Trail is by far my favorite hike I’ve ever done, but it ranks a little lower on this list because it’s harder to get to from campus. Located in Tilden Park, the trail can be reached through a short drive up the hill into the park, also accessible on the AC Transit Bus #67. The hiking loop around the lake is open year-round for free, and in the summer you can swim at the lake for a small entrance fee. You’ll get an amazing view of the Bay from the winding road in. It’s a bit tricky to get here, but the scenery makes it so worth it!

This trail takes you through the whimsical paths in the woods and around the lake.

There are also plenty of picnic tables around the park so you can stop for a quick bite. If you go during the summer, you can cool down after your hike by swimming in the lake!

3. Big C Hike

Last but not least, the Big C hike. This one is much closer to campus and provides a stunning view of the bay. However, the trail is very steep, so it is more challenging. But nothing beats this view at golden hour on a clear day!

See you on the trails!


Rachel Holmes is a second year at UC Berkeley majoring in media studies with a minor in theater & performance studies.

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