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  • Their Present, My Future
    I asked seniors to predict my next four years.
  • Optimize Studying
    Practical exam tips from a Cog Sci major.
  • My Financial Coaching Exp...
    Free financial coaching for students.
  • Northside Study Spots
    Find a new favorite study spot.
  • Student Learning Center I...
    Set yourself up for academic success.
  • Late Night in Berkeley
    Stay safe and enjoy nightlife in Berkeley.
  • Discover NAVCAL & DSP Sup...
    Meet Tristan, DSP and NAVCAL participant.
  • All Things GSI
    Learn from your Graduate Student Instructor.
  • Intern Abroad!
    How you can study abroad.
  • Becoming a GSI
    Tips to find a Graduate Student Instructor post.
  • Study Hacks: UC Berkeley ...
    Five strategies to up your study game.
  • Choosing a Major & Minor
    A student shares his considerations and tips.
  • Tech Resources at Cal
    Free and discounted for your tech needs.
  • Choosing Classes: 3 Resou...
    One student's tools and tips.
  • Finding Success as a Tran...
    The Transfer Student Experience, reflections.
  • Hi, I Studied in South Am...
    Travel, cultural immersion, worth it.
  • Career Fair Photos by Student Affairs Communications
    4 Post-Grad Job Hunting T...
    Advice for landing that post-grad job.
  • Scholarship FAQs: Nina's ...
    Part 2: Improving your search process.
  • Considering Study Abroad?
    First steps to choosing your program.
  • DeCal Deep Dive
    All about classes led by students for students.
  • Make the Most of the Libr...
    Make the most of the UC Berkeley libraries.
  • Scholarship Search: Nina’...
    Find ones that support your academic career.
  • Hosea's notes from Psych 160 (Social Psychology)
    Classes to Check Out
    From 3 different disciplines!
  • Transfer Enrollment Tips
    Resources for transfer students.
  • Internship Success Tips
    Student perspective on finding an internship.
  • A Life-Changing Class
    How one class can change your perspective.
  • Black History on Campus
    Research & Black Lives at Cal (BLAC).
  • Internship Stories @ Cal
    Some internship ideas to inspire you.
  • Interning at the Smithson...
    How one student landed a world-class internship.
  • Traveling Abroad with Ber...
    One of Berkeley's many summer abroad experiences.
  • Free Academic & Wellness ...
    Free (and discounted) academic and wellness offers.
  • How to Find the Right Int...
    What to know about starting your search.
  • Hi, I'm a Cal Alum (Worki...
    Real world story about a Berkeley alum beginning her career.
  • Finals, Midterms, Exams, ...
    How to win at exams and term papers.
  • Searching for Jobs & Inte...
    Berkeley alumni share job search tips.
  • Senior Dixie Valle Jimenez
    I'll Miss You, Berkeley
    Graduating senior reflects on her Berkeley experience.
  • Job Search Success is Mor...
    Berkeley Career Engagement tools can help you land a job working remotely or in person.
  • Preparing for an Internsh...
    Berkeley Career Engagement shares insight into the internship process.
  • 6 Financial Aid Tips to M...
    Make your life easier with advice from a financial aid expert.
  • Remembering to Breathe
    Holistic Wellness, Part 3: Creating Mental Space
  • Mi Familia Es Mi Energía
    Holistic Wellness, Part 2: Staying Motivated and Inspired
  • Tips for Tackling Final E...
    Top takeaways: study, self-care. And hot chocolate.
  • Top 5 Library Study Spots
    Ranking the best library spaces on campus.
  • Hi, I Studied Abroad
    Make Study Abroad work for you.
  • Disability in Literature:...
    One lit class to consider this awareness month.
  • Meet Latinx Faculty
    Latinx history, literacy, literature.
  • Curious About Big Ideas?
    UC Berkeley classes with an interdisciplinary focus.
  • Sign Up for Discovery
    Change your life with Discovery courses.
  • Choosing Classes at Cal
    What to do when planning a semester at UC Berkeley.
  • Decal Workshop
    Teaching DeCal Online
    How one student teaches a DeCal class remotely.
  • Tips from a GSI
    How to work with a GSI.
  • Remote Study Tips: #5
    No student is an island!
  • Remote Study Tips: #4
    Your schedule is your friend.
  • Remote Study Tips: #3
    Create your best study environment.
  • Remote Study Tips: #2
    Stay on track with personal goals.
  • Remote Study Tips: #1
    What works for remote study? Here's tip 1 of a series.
  • Remote Classes: Student S...
    Stories about transitioning to remote coursework and virtual classrooms.
  • Remote Instruction: What ...
    Success from Berkeley online!
  • Hi, I Tried Career Center...
    Peer advising will spark up your resume.
  • 3 Easy Funding Boosts
    Give your funding a boost with one or more of these.
  • New Students & Financial ...
    Your Financial Aid FAQs answered.
  • Out-of-State Transfer
    My transfer journey from outstate to CA.
  • Prizes and Honors Program
    Empty wallet? Listen up.
  • Maximize Berkeley
    Maximize your time at UC Berkeley by getting involved, healthy, tutored.
  • Career Advice
    Career Center tips and advice.
  • Academic Help
    Reach out...we're here!
  • Financial Aid Basics 1
    Advice for students to consider when funding their education.
  • Financial Aid Basics 2
    Be creative with financing your education.