Northside Study Spots

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Up your study game with these Northside cafes.

The Berkeley campus is surrounded by a variety of cafes that provide study ambience for all your needs: quiet places, social hubs, and everything in between. Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Berkeley, the city’s Northside is home to dozens of cafes and restaurants that are great places to sit down, enjoy a bite, and get some work done. Let’s explore some of students’ favorite spots!

On Euclid Avenue

Cabañas Cafe: A classic coffee shop meets American diner meets Mexican restaurant! This family-owned food spot features a sprawling menu and an inviting, cheerful atmosphere perfect for when you need a break from campus. Family-style wooden tables and quiet chatter all around make for a perfect place to work on a group project or have a snack-and-study session with friends. Cabañas Cafe is the place to go if you find it hard to focus in silence, as upbeat music is always playing. There are also a lot of outlets if you want to stay for a while. If coffee isn’t your scene, you can try the enchiladas and iced teas while you work!

A collage of an ordering screen inside Cabanas Cafe, a sign outside of Cabanas, and a counter inside Cabanas.

Cabañas Cafe has lots of good food and a variety of coffee, all for very reasonable prices.

Delah Coffee: Eye-catching and bougie, this cafe is the academic equivalent of a popular nightclub. Sip on delicious Arabian coffee for less than $5 and study to the quiet music that is always playing in the background. With its tiled ceiling, comfy velvet chairs, and barstool seating between outlets, this stunning cafe is a 10/10 for studious vibes!

A collage of two images. The first image is students walking into Delah Coffee. The second image depicts the sleek interior of Delah Coffee.

Dark tones and glittering silver chandeliers invite students to soak in the ambience at Delah Coffee.

Mind Coffee: Grab a chair (or a beanbag cushion) at one of Northside’s most popular coffee shops on Euclid Ave. Known for its menu of classy signature beverages, this study spot is a small aesthetic corner for students to sip on their favorite drink while studying with friends. There are lots of outlets along the walls, and the coffee shop has its own WiFi so you can get work done online. All of this in addition to the tasteful, upbeat music and pastry happy hour make Mind Coffee a perfect place to get some lighter assignments done.

A collage of three images of Mind Coffee. The first depicts the interior of Mind Coffee, an illuminated sign hanging on the wall. The second image depicts an ordering screen. The third image depicts a hand collecting their matcha latte from the counter.

Pick up your signature drink at the counter before settling into the cafe to work!

On Hearst Avenue

Foothill Dining Commons: Tucked away on the northeastern corner of campus, Foothill Dining Commons is a great place to study. The dining hall is surrounded by nature, with outdoor seating near the entrance (and a TV in the main dining room for when you need a study break). Students can use meal swipes or FLEX dollars to access a buffet-style breakfast, lunch, or dinner during its hours of operation. Take your studying to a whole new level with this dining hall’s sights, serenity, and snacks.

A collage of two images of Foothill Dining Commons. The first image depicts winding stairs leading to the exterior of the Foothill Dining Commons. The second image depicts the exterior of Foothill Dining Commons, a welcome flag on the right.

Foothill Dining is a small community corner where students come for good food, great surroundings, and even better company.

V&A Cafe

Cross Hearst Avenue at the North Gate of campus and you’ve already arrived at V&A Cafe! Located between Soda Hall and Etcheverry Hall, this small cafe is always filled with students, so you’ll never lack company while you work. Enjoy their pastries and indoor wooden seating or find a chair at the umbrella-covered picnic tables directly outside the cafe.

A collage of four images of V&A Cafe. The image in the top left of the collage depicts a glass sign reading "V&A Cafe." The image in the top right corner of the collage depicts a student viewing the specials out front of V&A Cafe. The image in the bottom left corner of the collage depicts the exterior of V&A Cafe with its many stools and large canopy umbrellas. The image in the bottom right of the collage depicts the sidewalk outside of V&A Cafe lined with red trees.

Students can work in the area outside V&A Cafe and try out the cafe’s specials!

Happy Studying!

It is vital to keep yourself nourished while you’re studying, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the good coffee shops and restaurants that Berkeley has to offer. Whether you’re munching on Foothill Dining garlic bread or trying the newest special at V&A Cafe, know that the food and environment at any of these places are sure to help you get work done. If you’re interested in finding more delicious Berkeley bites, watch this Northside bakeries video on our Instagram, @ucberkeleylife.


Reva Gokhale is a freshman at UC Berkeley majoring in society & environment. Feature photo is a collage of the outside of V&A Cafe; Anika, a Berkeley freshman, sitting with a drink outside a cafe; and the inside of Blue Bottle.


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