Recruitment Hacks for Grads

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A Day in My Job Search Journey

Recruitment season is upon us, and as a graduating senior venturing into the world of adulting, I’m here to share a glimpse into my job search routine. Join me as I walk you through my job search session, sprinkled with nine tips and habits I’ve gathered along the way to help make the process easier.

1) Setting the Stage: Prioritizing Recruitment Time

To kick things off, I’ve learned to treat my job search like any other commitment. I carve out dedicated “recruiting time” on my calendar, ensuring it receives the attention it deserves amidst the chaos of classes and other obligations.

2) Defining Priorities: City, Industry, Position

First things first, I narrowed down my search criteria. Deciding on the city, industry, and specific position I’m aiming for helped streamline my job hunt. If you’re unsure of your exact path, start with any one criterion to alleviate any overwhelming feelings you may have.

3) Crafting Tools for Success: Tailored Resumes and Cover Letters

I revamped my resume to align with the broad positions I’m interested in, ranging from Business Development to Social Media roles. By having tailored resumes and cover letter templates ready, I can swiftly apply to multiple jobs without losing focus.

4) Leveraging Berkeley Career Engagement Resources

Utilizing resources offered by the Berkeley Career Engagement proved to be invaluable. From personalized resume and cover letter appointments to industry-specific workshops, I honed my documents for maximum impact. Plus, a professional LinkedIn profile is a must-have—I even snagged a fresh headshot at Berkeley Career Engagement’s free photo booth.

5) Navigating Online Platforms: LinkedIn and Handshake

With filters set to match my preferences, LinkedIn and Handshake have become my go-to platforms. I scroll through job postings like I would my Instagram feed, ensuring I’m up-to-date with relevant opportunities while keeping the search manageable.

6) The Application Sprint: Setting Goals and Staying Motivated

Applying to roles can feel daunting, so I set both weekly and daily goals to stay on track. Rewarding myself with a small treat at the end of each milestone keeps me motivated. While some aim for high application counts, I focus on quality over quantity, aiming for around 10 applications per session.

7) Engaging with Employers: Research and Networking

Beyond submitting applications, I make an effort to research companies and connect with recruiters on LinkedIn. While it’s not always feasible to do this for every application, I prioritize it once I receive positive responses—a crucial step in building professional relationships.

Career Fairs are often hosted in the RSF. Photo by Student Affairs Communications.

8) Maximizing Campus Opportunities: Career Fairs and Networking Events

I keep an eye out for career fairs and networking events hosted by various campus organizations. These events provide valuable opportunities to engage with potential employers and expand my professional network, both online and in person.

9) Preparation is Key: Ready for Career Fair Success

Before attending events like career fairs, I dedicate time to polish my documents, practice my elevator pitch, and research attending organizations. This preparation ensures I make the most of these networking opportunities.

Embracing the Job Search Journey

And there you have it—a glimpse into my job search session. Whether you’re just starting or deep into the process, remember that persistence pays off. There’s light at the end of the tunnel for all of us!

For more detailed tips and insights, check out Lucas’s article on post-grad job-hunting tips.

Viva Sheth is a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in business and English with a minor in journalism. Feature photo from UC Berkeley’s 2023 Commencement by Student Affairs Communications.

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